Post-Code of Brazil (Updated in 2019)

Brazil is the largest country in both America. The current capital city of Brazil is Brasilia. Rio De Janeiro is the former Capital city which is located southeast of Brazil and 6th most populous city of the Americas. With over 208 million of people Brazil is a mega country as well.

With an area code of +55 21 and the main postal code of 20000-000, Rio has been one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Brazil. Copacabana is probably the most well-known beach in this world and this is located in Rio.

The main language of Brazil is Portuguese. Sau Paulo, Rio, Foz Do Iguacu, and Salvador are the main attractions & tourist destinations in Brazil.

Let’s explore all the Postal Code of Brazil. Please comment below if you find any codes missing or misspelled.

Brazil’s Post Codes At a Glance

AbbreviationFull NameZip Code
ACAcre69900-000 to 69999-000
ALAlagoas57000-000 to 57990-000
AMAmazonas69000-000 to 69290-000,69400-000 to 69890-000
APAmapá68900-000 to 68999-000
BABahia40000-000 to 48990-000
CECeará60000-000 to 63990-000
DFDistrito Federal70000-000 to 73690-000
ESEspírito Santo29000-000 to 29990-000
GOGoiás73700-000 to 76790-000
MAMaranhão65000-000 to 65990-000
MGMinas Gerais30000-000 to 39990-000
MSMato Grosso do Sul79000-000 to 79990-000
MTMato Grosso78000-000 to 78890-000
PAPará66000-000 to 68890-000
PBParaíba58000-000 to 58990-000
PEPernambuco50000-000 to 56990-000
PIPiauí64000-000 to 64990-000
PRParaná80000-000 to 86990-000
RJRio de Janeiro20000-000 to 28990-000
RNRio Grande do Norte59000-000 to 59990-000
RORondônia76800-000 to 76999-000
RRRoraima69300-000 to 69399-000
RSRio Grande do Sul90000-000 to 99990-000
SCSanta Catarina87000-000 to 89990-000
SESergipe49000-000 to 49990-000
SPSão Paulo01000-000 to 19990-000
TOTocantins77000-000 to 77990-000

January 25th is the Postman Day in Rio and in Brazil and widely celebrated by the Government Organizations and the inhabitants.

The local name of Postal Service in Brazil is Correio-Mor.

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